Melanotan 2. Fake and real sellers.

If you look around in Google, Bing, Yahoo or other search engine for a keyword melanotan 2, you might notice there are loads of places which are pretending to sell some melanotan 2 peptide (called “barbiedrug” or “supertan weapon”) along with other related products.

SCAMSMeanwhile loads of buyers get scammed. How to skim real sellers out of this pool? To be honest it will be quite straight forward action taken from your side. All you have to do is contact them via their given options and check the speed of answer. If their answer is taking up to couple hours (the faster the better of course), then you are guaranteed getting in touch with some active seller. Meanwhile scammers might do the same right? Yes it is true. This is why we are diving into our analysis deeper. You have to ask about money flow between you and supplier. Which merchant do they prefer to use and read about exact merchant to clear out how friendly they will be with you as customer? If you are quite satisfied with these two steps so far, then there comes third one. You should ask about refund policy and reversals. Every reliable shop should give you these options if you are not 100% satisfied. It doesn’t matter – unknown or very well known supplier, they have to guarantee – the customer will be satisfied with their purchase. Otherwise it is just waste of money from customer side and negative feedback for supplier, which might be misleading sometimes for others.

Simple rules to follow on receiving what was expected:

  • Fast response from seller via e-mail, face book or other contact type they provide
  • Receive product exactly as seen in picture upon order
  • Well Known merchant with clear money flow path
  • Have a feeling – customer is in 1st place between seller and customer conversation of purchase.
  • Reversals and refund policy are guaranteed under Terms and Conditions
  • Positive feedbacks from other customers

Loads of cheap places are pretending they do sell same quality product as other more popular brands, meanwhile using non related product pictures. This is quite crucial point as this is the best way to sell fake or non original products worldwide by advertising under other images.


You might as well wonder. Why feedback is not very important upon purchase? It gives large amount of information about other customer history with current site right? Yes and no is the answer. Feedbacks might not be up to date! Most recent feedbacks are multiple times more important than 1 year old ones, because everything fluctuates in real time. Quite simple – site service quality and product quality might go up and down. So it is better to rely on facts which are up to date.

We hope this answered loads of questions lately. keep yourself and your money safe!

Best Regards: Team.


Clash of Sun and Melanotan 2 approaches!

Everyone is so damn happy when Summer is coming closer, but only few of us are prepared properly to welcome it with open hands. Melanotan 2 has to be in your arsenal at this time! By this being said, there are lots of obstacles to consider while enjoying hot weather on holidays near beach or in your garden around house. Direct sunlight interacts with skin and it gets nicely tanned, just like what everyone likes when Summer is already there. But are you ready for that? I am quite sure Melanotan 2 is. Are you ready to let damage and repair cycles (tanning process) happen for your skin on daily basis with proper tools?russian-girls-550-34

There will be some combo-tip of 2 main ingredients to get healthy tan:

  1. Make sure your body has plenty of vitamin D3 intake when you have no access to sunlight and when you have it D3 vitamin will be produced in your body naturally.
  2. Beta-carotene is next crucial ingredient as it correlates with vitamin D3

These 2 minerals will create a perfect environment for skin to have maximized tan effectively with minimal burn damage. However you can’t be fully protected just by having this if your melanin levels are low by nature and not working as aggressive as they should when there was a sunlight interaction with skin. Melanotan 2 comes in help with this! It is a workhorse for getting tanned bodies for any kind of skin as it produces enormous amounts of melanin to fight aggressive UV rays therefore your skin gets tanned at a multiple times faster rate than usually. This is a cold hard fact. Some enjoy it so much as they keep using on a weekly basis for years.


An interesting intereview.

Yes indeed you are guessing right, we will have a look into video interview (original from 2015th of February) from an X-Factor participant who started using Melanotan 2 when he was 16! years old.

It is quite impressive how much people can change and achieve when they become more confident in themselves. Melanotan 2 peptide helped him to achieve this and he has much more fulfilled life and enjoys it more than others on average. Why such a thing happens? It is quite easy to answer such a question. Population is driven by emotions! If they convince you to be satisfied or more happy on a daily basis you will try top repeat them again and again just because that is how life works around with us. We do what satisfies us the most. In this case it was Melanotan 2 which helped particular guy to reach its self-esteem higher than the others.

Interesting thing he mentions is about meeting better looking friends, having more quality time and living better in general. All these facts refer to my mentioned sentence above – population is driven by emotions! Whatever you are using, eating or drinking – operates with emotions, whether they are on a bad or good side, your unconscious mind will decide and let you know you want to repeat it or not. If your inner gut will tell yes, then it was a green sign which was given by your unconscious mind to keep repeating a thing you have done. This is how we lean towards better daily life and more happiness. Do listen to youserlf more often and you will say thanks.

Whats your secret to live better than the others? Have you found it? If not, then maybe you are looking in wrong way. I wish all the best into finding your self-esteem secrets in nearest future.

Melanotan 2 Tanning Injections- A Reliable Tanning Method

No wonder the rising Popularity of Melanotan 2 Suppliers in UK is due to its quick response, greater availability and ease of usage. Melanotan 2 is widely sold online, witnessing a huge demand amongst celebrities, models, bodybuilders, college youth and teenagers.

melanotan 2

Tanning injections have become a proper substitute for conventional tanning methods used for skin tanning. You no longer need to sit under the sun for prolonged hours and apply sun cream all the time. As these tanning injections are best suited for getting sessions. Each of them is ergonomically packed in a fine kit having two vials containing chemical liquids viz. bacteriostatic water and Melanotan 2 solution in each.

The Melanotan 2 solution present in one of the vials functions by catalysing the process of melanogenesis. Melanogenesis is the natural tanning process occurring inside a human body for maintaining the body pigment. Each of the Melanotan 2 tanning injections contains chemically synthesized peptide hormone responsible for increasing the melanin production in the body.

As known, light skinned people are more prone to skin cancer and thus, they prefer avoiding UV exposure as much as possible. But for how long? This is where you need the help of this sunless tanning method that not only helps in getting tanned look but also leaves a long-lasting effect.

Composition Of Melanotan 2 Tanning Injections

Here are the common descriptions of what a tanning injection kit actually consists of.

Two glass vials, each filled with chemical compounds.
One vial contains Melanotan 2 solution while other contains bacteriostatic water
1ml of bacteriostatic water in 2ml of Melanotan solution is blended meticulously
The blended mixture is then injected into the skin in the optimum amount to get the results.

Why in UK Melanotan 2 is getting so popular?

Melanotan 2 is commonly known as MT2 in the market. It is one of the best-known sunless tanning products that help in getting long-lasting tanning effects on the body. However, if you are keen to keep the tanned look for a longer span, the regular dosage of the injection is mostly advised. Along with skin tanning, Melanotan 2 is speculated to confer other health benefits like weight loss, increased libido level. Along with these, it also helps in treating ED (erectile dysfunction) if prescribed by experts under proper medical supervision.