If you look around in Google, Bing, Yahoo or other search engine for a keyword melanotan 2, you might notice there are loads of places which are pretending to sell some melanotan 2 peptide (called “barbiedrug” or “supertan weapon”) along with other related products.

SCAMSMeanwhile loads of buyers get scammed. How to skim real sellers out of this pool? To be honest it will be quite straight forward action taken from your side. All you have to do is contact them via their given options and check the speed of answer. If their answer is taking up to couple hours (the faster the better of course), then you are guaranteed getting in touch with some active seller. Meanwhile scammers might do the same right? Yes it is true. This is why we are diving into our analysis deeper. You have to ask about money flow between you and supplier. Which merchant do they prefer to use and read about exact merchant to clear out how friendly they will be with you as customer? If you are quite satisfied with these two steps so far, then there comes third one. You should ask about refund policy and reversals. Every reliable shop should give you these options if you are not 100% satisfied. It doesn’t matter – unknown or very well known supplier, they have to guarantee – the customer will be satisfied with their purchase. Otherwise it is just waste of money from customer side and negative feedback for supplier, which might be misleading sometimes for others.

Simple rules to follow on receiving what was expected:

  • Fast response from seller via e-mail, face book or other contact type they provide
  • Receive product exactly as seen in picture upon order
  • Well Known merchant with clear money flow path
  • Have a feeling – customer is in 1st place between seller and customer conversation of purchase.
  • Reversals and refund policy are guaranteed under Terms and Conditions
  • Positive feedbacks from other customers

Loads of cheap places are pretending they do sell same quality product as other more popular brands, meanwhile using non related product pictures. This is quite crucial point as this is the best way to sell fake or non original products worldwide by advertising under other images.


You might as well wonder. Why feedback is not very important upon purchase? It gives large amount of information about other customer history with current site right? Yes and no is the answer. Feedbacks might not be up to date! Most recent feedbacks are multiple times more important than 1 year old ones, because everything fluctuates in real time. Quite simple – site service quality and product quality might go up and down. So it is better to rely on facts which are up to date.

We hope this answered loads of questions lately. keep yourself and your money safe!

Best Regards: Melanotan2sale.com Team.


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