Everyone is so damn happy when Summer is coming closer, but only few of us are prepared properly to welcome it with open hands. Melanotan 2 has to be in your arsenal at this time! By this being said, there are lots of obstacles to consider while enjoying hot weather on holidays near beach or in your garden around house. Direct sunlight interacts with skin and it gets nicely tanned, just like what everyone likes when Summer is already there. But are you ready for that? I am quite sure Melanotan 2 is. Are you ready to let damage and repair cycles (tanning process) happen for your skin on daily basis with proper tools?russian-girls-550-34

There will be some combo-tip of 2 main ingredients to get healthy tan:

  1. Make sure your body has plenty of vitamin D3 intake when you have no access to sunlight and when you have it D3 vitamin will be produced in your body naturally.
  2. Beta-carotene is next crucial ingredient as it correlates with vitamin D3

These 2 minerals will create a perfect environment for skin to have maximized tan effectively with minimal burn damage. However you can’t be fully protected just by having this if your melanin levels are low by nature and not working as aggressive as they should when there was a sunlight interaction with skin.¬†Melanotan 2 comes in help with this! It is a workhorse for getting tanned bodies for any kind of skin as it produces enormous amounts of melanin to fight aggressive UV rays therefore your skin gets tanned at a multiple times faster rate than usually. This is a cold hard fact. Some enjoy it so much as they keep using on a weekly basis for years.



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